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Top 5 tips for choosing artwork for your home...

"Tomorrow's Light" 120 x 90cm Oils on Canvas

Top 5 tips for choosing artwork for your home:

1) You must like the artwork--this sounds basic, but somehow is often missed. Too often people are swayed by gallerist and consultant opinions, a brand name artist, a trend--and then, they are stuck living with something that doesn't really sing to them...

2) It should sing something to you--it doesn't need to be a full-on symphony, or a wild rap song, it all depends on the space it is going. Maybe a lullaby, or something romantic for the bedroom, something upbeat and thought provoking for the living room? And maybe something whimsical for a small hallway or bath?

3) People tend to change sofas more than they do the artwork in their home. If you love the artwork, why not change the sofa? Better yet, choose your furniture as a neutral palette upon which you can accessorize with art and objets d'arts, changing with the seasons of your life...

4) Consider the details of the room. The kitchen wouldn't be a good place for something that can't take a splash or too. If your hallway has busy backpack laden traffic, maybe keep the artwork above the fray? A tiny work isn't well placed on a giant wall, maybe a series is a better alternative.

5) Consider a commission if you see something you like but the colour, scale, or materials don't meet your requirements. As long as your requirements don't squash the artist's creativity completely, this is a great way to work with an artist (hint hint--and I LOVE to work creatively with collectors), and get something you'll cherish for a very long time.

Connect Here if you'd like more info on commissioning work


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