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CV Highlights

Exhibition Highlights


  • Venice Biennale, ‘Personal Structures’, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy 2022

  • Asian Biennale, Dhaka Bangladesh 2022

  • Aqua Miami-Miami Basel, Miami, Florida, USA 2018

  • Art Wynwood, Steidel Contemporary Gallery Palm Beach, Florida, USA 2019

  • Solo Show, Bermondsey Gallery, London, UK 2018

  • Salon D'Automne, Societaire, Paris, France 2017-2024

  • Salon National Des Beaux Arts, Paris France 2018-2019

  • The Other Art Fair, London, UK 2014, 2017, and 2018

  • Kyoto Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan 2015

  • Upcoming:

    • Salon Art & Deco, Annecy France, May 2024

    • Jarfo Art Exchange, Kyoto, Japan, September 2024

    • "Cultural Echoes: Between the Rockies and the
      Himalayas", Nepal Arts Council, Kathmandu, Nepal, January 2025

  • Art Ventures Gallery, Half Moon Bay, California, USA 2019

  • Loruenser, Zurs, Austria 2019

  • RGNN, Havana and Trinidad Cuba 2018

  • East West Art Prize Residency, Kyoto, Japan 2015

Performance Art and Workshop Highlights

Other Passions

•    Musée Maillol, “Disruptive Technologies, Impressionists, and the Parallels with Contemporary Digital Art Trends:”, Paris, France. 2019

•    Barclays HQ Series of Talks and Workshops, London, UK 2019
•    Zetland Capital offsite “Bananas and Bowties-The Roll of Divergent Thinking in Creative Processes” creative workshops, London UK 2018

•    Tikehau, "Cultivate Your Creative Side and Instantly See the Forest; While others are still stuck in the trees”, Paris, France 2018
•    Christopher Newport University (CNU) "From Pick Axes and Pipettes to Paints and Pixels: one scientist's journey from STEM to STEAM--and back" Plenary speech, Va, USA 2018
•    Stanford Women's Network "Wine, cheese, and an artist Q&A" London, UK 2017
•    Casa Suraya Refugee Center,  Art workshop with Refugees, Milan, Italy 2017

•    Live Digital Art Perfomance, Apple HQ, Union Square San Francisco, USA 2017

•    Apple Store  "From Painting to Pixels", Covent Garden, London, UK 2016

•    Burgh House Museum, workshop, London, UK 2016

Certified Canadian Ski Instructor, bilingual English/French, basic level Japanese, I love open water swimming, hiking, travel, my better half, my 4 adult kids, their spouses and kids, nerding out on all things art, and seizing life’s challenges and opportunities far and wide!

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