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"Empathy is the foundation for peaceful co-existence, and humour is the secret sauce."- Lisa Cirenza

Celebrating Human connectivity in an increasingly connected/disconnected world--Cirenza pushes pigments and pixels in compositions that ask us to look beyond the surface of the work in search of what binds us as a single human species, and what binds us to this precious earth we've inherited. She believes empathy is the foundation for peaceful co-existence, and humour is the secret sauce.


Adopted at an early age, she spent much of her youth walking in other people’s shoes to see if they fit. Viewing humans as a single species with very similarly sized shoes, walking on an increasingly threatened earth--much of her work explores identity, migration, and climate change whilst still celebrating the hope and beauty in moments too often missed in our disconnected lives.

US born and France based, her training includes the Royal Drawing School, Central St. Martins, and Sumi-e training in Tokyo. Her BS honors degree in Earth Sciences from Stanford University with studies at L'Ecole des Mines de Paris, increases her passion and understanding of pigments,fluids, tech and mediums, whereas her MA degree in International Studies provokes many of the layers of questioning she visually explores.


She lectures and conducts workshops regularly promoting the creative process, and thinking beyond our personal comfort zones.


She has exhibited widely in Paris, London, Venice, NYC, Silicon Valley, Miami, Edinburgh, Dhaka Bangladesh, Xi'an China, and Kyoto Japan.


Her works are held in corporate, state, and private collections in Japan, China, France, Sweden, Austria, the UK, Canada, and the USA.

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