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Welcome to The Gallery

Escape from your day and take a moment to connect to the art, to get lost in the many layers of moments, experiences, and connections that facilitated their creation. This gallery is a window into my worlds. Much of the art is already with collectors around the world, but please don't hesitate to enquire, the one that resonates with you might still be available, and if not, I'm always open to discussing commissions and applying what resonated with people to their own personal experiences and worlds.

Thank you in advance for taking time some to breathe, and to enjoy the art. The world would be a much easier and more balanced place to exist if we all took the time to do this more regularly and appreciated the beings and nature we've been gifted throughout our journeys.

Layered Moments

A moment has a history, a future, a context; to be savoured, to be understood.


Artist Residency in Cuba to understand and investigate the US-Cuban narrative and how the Cubans find hope and joy in the face of. ration cards, poverty, and dire political constraints. Colour, community, music…

Connections and Constructions