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Mountain Highs and Artistic Synergies

I arrived at the Sporthotel Loruenser in Zurs on Saturday, to begin my Artist in Residency week. A true 'pinch me' moment when I saw my works gracing their elegant lobby, bar, staircase etc. Fliers about me and the week ahead were being handed to guests as they checked in, and I felt like perhaps I was still sleeping and dreaming, given the late nights I had in preparation for this.

I started skiing at the age of 6. I hated the cold, the spring bindings that pinched my freezing fingers, and the vertigo when standing on the top of a very icy, steep slope (ok, it was probably a beginners flat, but from a 6 year old's perspective it seemed like being at the top of Mt. Everest.) I remember crying on the chairlift in fear of falling off...I'm guessing you get the picture.

My father was not known for his patience, and his response was to yell at me. I'd cry harder and eventually gave up on that tactic, and just got on with it. Every Sunday, this was our quality family outing...

Fast forward to my teens where I found skiing to be an incredible release of teen angst and frustrations. Nothing beat skiing hard and fast, except for taking lots of air off of anything that might jettison me skyward.

Racing in college, and in France (while on a semester abroad) only heightened my 'need for speed' and mountain highs--and I would work around the clock during the summer to pay for my winter escapades.

To be able to combine a week in the most scenic of mountain resorts, with a week of visual explorations is truly the stuff of dreams. To be able to share this excitement and my creations with guests who are also intense skiers and lovers of art, is a truly unique moment of synergies.

I will be drawing/painting on my iPad here all week. The public is welcome to join me from 4-6pm at the Loruenser Bar. I hope to keep posting for those of you wishing to join me in cyberspace... thank you for your interest and support...


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