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The Bar is my Studio!!!!

So where does one work as an artist in a stunning 5 Star Hotel?? Well that's the beauty of painting/drawing on the iPad... I can work everywhere without leaving my usual traces of cadmium red oil paint.

And the bar is ideal! I can stay very adequately "hydrated", while visually observing and recording some of the happiest, healthiest, groups of people a bar has ever witnessed.

Zurs is a skiers' resort. The breakfast room at this hotel is empty by 9am as everyone has already geared up and is on the mountain. There's no easy way down to the hotel, and no booming aprés ski in town, so it tends to attract a serious group of athletic people ranging in age from 8-80. Truly feeling inspired by the latter set!! And hoping I'll be here 3 decades from now still skiing and doing art...


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