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A few favorite online art courses and resources...


​September has traditionally been a month for gathering, as in hunting and gathering. We harvest our food, gather up school and office supplies, shop to "nest" for the coming winter whether it be for that new business suit, or cozy jumper we envision relaxing in as the weather gets cold. As an artist I'm evaluating my supplies, my Apps, and how best to amp up my techniques. My students often ask about the "best websites for..." So I thought I'd take a moment and share some of my favorites, hoping these will help your Fall gathering efforts.

One of the most obvious is YouTube. 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Trying to figure out how to paint with a palette knife--"YouTube it" instead of Googling it. Can't figure out how to use that ink nib--YouTube it.

But if you're looking for more in depth teaching, I have found the Craftsy website to have really strong painting and drawing course offerings (shame for the name of the website, but nothing's perfect). Instructors I have particularly enjoyed refreshing my skills with have included: Martin Wittfooth, Gary Faigin, and Richard Scott. Many of their courses are at a discounted price at the moment, and are not particularly expensive.

Trying to figure out which apps might best suit your artistic style? This blog review of apps is hosted by the iPad Art Room and designed for teachers. However, it has a list of lists that review even some of the most obscure art apps out there in very straightforward language. This is where I discovered one of my favorites to use when I teach, as the tools are limited and the user interface is artistically intuitive; giving you more time to engage with your creation and less time fussing with the tools: Art Set Pro.

Red Hat Lady--Digital Painting done with Art Set Pro ©L.Cirenza

P.S. All of the links here are in support of the products/people/ideas they link to, and I receive nothing in return--other than the shear pleasure of supporting others--from promoting them.

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