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Maximising Your Creative Potential

Only 2% of our DNA differs from chimpanzees, and that 2% is what makes us humans--it's also what gives us the ability to be creative beings. In the age of AI and robots it is also our competitive edge. As an artist, my work relies on my being able to harness my creative ideas and propel them into realities. Not always an easy task...

I recently shared some of my research and thoughts on how to maximise our creative potential with an audience, in tandem with my exhibition at Barclays HQ, London. What stifles our ideas, and the ability to realise them? Where are your preferences on the arch of creative thinking/implementation? And how does teamwork enhance and/or inhibit creative potential?

These were some of the questions we explored, with some of the evenings slides attached here, along with a list for further reading. It was a fun evening with inspiring questions for future thought.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to learn more about my thoughts and talks on this subject, and/or if you were at the discussion and I didn't get to your question.

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