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Back Spasms affecting my plans...and my art...

Having recently had a rather serious case of walking pneumonia, I got off the mountain after skiing only an hour my first morning. Anyone who knows me, knows this was a very hard choice to make--but I knew I had a week of art and skiing ahead and didn't want to blow it on day one.

Fast forward to day 2. A ton of snow had fallen, and was still falling. Skiers' paradise if ever there were one. Excitedly getting ready to go out, I lean over and on my way up: Snap Crackle Pop goes the lower back. OUCH!!!!

Well maybe it wasn't that bad, and I decided to give it ten minutes or so, and carry on. Ten minutes later, walking was not an easy option...and woefully I gave up on the skiing plans. Trying to find the positive spin, I thought maybe this was one of those angel snowballs that was intended to keep me focused on the art portion of this trip.

So it was a mellow day in the hotel. My artwork seemed to reflect that. I find it interesting how there is always an element of self portrait in whatever I do. You can probably guess which pieces are done when I'm full of energy (and or caffeine)...

The hotel is truly beautiful, and capturing the smaller touches as part of this piece lead to a rather mindful day where my back eventually stopped spasming (#theDrugsHelpedToo) and all was well in the end...


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