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My favorite birthday thought...

You wake up on your birthday and you have can think that you're as old as you've ever been (as in really really old), or you can realise that you'll never be younger than that very moment (and oh the possibilities that can bring!) I wanted to write about how amazing it was to celebrate the sun shining here in London. But now it's pouring buckets outside my studio window. The great thing about the weather here, is that most of the time it's "variable" (aka blustery, dreary, wet, grey, with hints of sun from time to time and always when least expected). Why is this great? Because people really celebrate the sunshine here when it does bless us with its bright presence. Unlike some of the sunnier climes I've lived in, the parks are heaving with revelers, and pubs are overflowing with sun lovers on their sidewalks during those special days. So...when you read the news, wake up feeling old (er), ya gotta just remind yourself that you're the youngest you'll ever be, and that sun is just right behind that cloud waiting for you to be ready to find and celebrate its light...(Imaginary visual: Lisa running around singing the Annie song "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow"--Real Visual: Lisa looking for her umbrella having forgotten where she put it, feeling the twinge in her back as she bends over to pick it up from it's puddle on the floor--but hey, she's still bending, she found it, and the sun did just come back out with lovely hints of pink woven in the clouds...)

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