My New Love Affair with Norfolk…

Really Mum?? ©L.Cirenza

My family went to the Norfolk Coast in 1999 to celebrate American Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why or how we ever chose this in November, but we did. If you’re looking for bucolic beach strolls don’t go to Norfolk at the end of November. I have memories of my kids in ski pants, wellies, and snow jackets, jumping the waves, with horizontal rain drenching us inside and out. Fun? Yes. Sustainable activities for us comfort seeking types? No.​

Novermber in Norfolk- 12" x 10" oil on board. ©L.Cirenza

November in Norfolk- 12"x10" Oil on Board​ ©L.Cirenza

​​I discovered The Norfolk School of Painting (NSP) about ten years later, while looking for a tutor that could teach me traditional Old Master’s painting techniques. Martin Kinnear is a whiz! He’s devoted himself to understanding these techniques and translated them into a fantastic series of courses that have his school sold out a year in advance.

iPad Rembrandt study to prepare for NSP Masterclass. ©L.Cirenza