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Sprinting to the finish...

Today is a sprint to the finish. The hang is tomorrow, and everything needs printing, painting, and finishing. My experiments with Japanese papers have been a wonderful journey into effects, textures and possibilities I never would have arrived at otherwise. The printer I bought (because there were no other ways to do these experiments in the end) has been working (which is highly unusual for these machines), so I feel I have lucky angels on my side. One of my pieces combines a photo I took, a digital painting on that, printed on this new high tech paper that emulates halide films, which is then mounted on pastel paper where I complete the piece with a large drawing—a true fusion of all that I’ve been experimenting with. Others are much simpler, celebrating the beauty of the papers and the surroundings I've been infused with. Gotta run and go finish these works. Huge thanks to Tomoko-san, and Jo-san who continue to be selfless, hardworking supporters of all that we EWAAC artists are trying to achieve.

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