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My run (aka Shuffle) through a visual Feast!

Taking time to absorb the surroundings is key to creating works that are relevant to this experience here in Kyoto. One of my favorite ways to do this is to go for a run (aka shuffle, as I barely lift my feet...) because I can cover a lot of ground, and hear, smell, see and breathe (yes lots of heavy breathing even though I'm just shuffling) the energies and aesthetics surrounding me. Yesterday I decided to take a few photos to share on this blog.

Today I went to upload what I'd taken, and found 171 photos!! Looks like maybe I either wanted extra excuses to stop and breathe, or I was so overwhelmed by the incredible sights I went a bit overboard on trying to capture them all (probably a combination of the two). So here is my mini-version of what I saw along the main river in Kyoto. The blossoms are starting to fall, which is very sad, but creates a delightful pink "snow" covering the ground. The echoes from what is still on the trees makes for even more beauty. Between the two is the life of Kyoto. The young blossoms full of fleeting beauty and energy

, juxtaposed against the not so young. It is truly a city of deep contrasts, many of which can be seen and experienced along the river.

The birds were out in all their splendour after the cold rains we've been having.

A bride on her way for riverside photos.

Jitensha is the word for bikes here, and there are many many many Jitensha.

A crow hiding in the bridge posts.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my son Patrick!!! One of the things that isn't great about being here is missing family. But I'm thrilled to report that my husband and oldest son arrived yesterday. Bummed to be missing the chance to give a birthday hug to my 3rd son though...but off to finish some paintings knowing I'll be having a Shabu Shabu dinner with my better half and eldest son...

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