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Should I be concerned?

The problem with working here (in Kyoto), is that one never quite has any idea of what's really going on...This was just tweeted about me, should I be concerned?

I'm thinking it could say "crazy gaijin lady contemporary urban artist Lisa Cirenza @ArtCirenza seen running in Kyoto during pouring rainstorm without umbrella. Has she no sense of Japanese decorum??

I kid you not. Whilst on a run this morning, I had a very posh lady come up to me (okay, maybe I wasn't running the Entire time) and look at me in pity asking about my not having an umbrella--as if I'd been thrown out of a house somewhere somehow (as ladies of my age and stage do NOT run around in the pouring rain, and certainly would never go out without an umbrella, here in Japan). I was touched by her generous spirit and felt guilty about creating a cause for concern for her that didn't exist...

Here are some photos from my run (okay shuffle if I'm being totally honest):

I promise I'll get the other photos loaded at some point, but what was supposed to be a 1 hour light jog turned out to be a 3 hour 4+ miles excursion in the pouring rain. Then we had a calligraphy lesson, and lacquerware lesson. These were wonderful.

Japanese/Chinese calligraphy has a strong influence on my work, as I studied English calligraphy as a teenager, and Japanese calligraphy when I lived in Tokyo 12 years ago. Being the rebel that I tend to be, I didn't quite do the beautiful Kanji character for Cherry Blossom, I really wanted to explore the possibilities of doing "my people" in these mediums:

Which reminded me of a FB post I posted a few months ago:

Except that everyone I'm with in the calligraphy photo are also artists, so I'm not sure that it says anything other than something about a crazy gaijin lady with no sense of Japanese decorum!

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