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So much to learn, so little time (Cuba Part 4/9)

This island is so rich in history, arts, passion, and death defying forms of transportation. Tonight I can spend time writing a full blog, and another hour+ trying to upload photos/videos, or I can get my tired, sweaty body to the Fabrica de Arte Cubano to see art, music, dance, and the 20 something year olds also on this trip with me. I told them there was a 90% chance of my coming. They said, "meet us at the bar at 11pm". What? 11pm? That's 2 hours past my bed time, and I'm still on UK time, so we're talking serious "no way can I do this..." Part of me is saying "use the blog as an excuse", the other part is saying "you only live once".

In homage to the latter, I bid you adieu, and point your attention to the video I uploaded this morning that is the header to this page. This was taken in a more "local" 'taxi' cab. The good news is, no animals nor humans were killed in the filming of this video, and I arrived in one piece, albeit with 20 years taken off my life (anyone who knows me well, knows I'm an awful passenger in the best of circumstances).

I've been taking a ton of "transport videos" and photos to share. The public bus was a "unique" experience in the monsoon rains the other day. When the Soviet Union collapsed, so did transportation, as oil/petrol was no longer affordable, when the Soviets pulled their financial support of the island. The remnants of this "special period" are everywhere, with more to come in a future blog--when art, music, dance, 20 something year olds, and rum cocktails (did I mention the rum here is to die for---the "local" taxis are not--the rum is) are not calling my name...



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