November 20, 2019

Only 2% of our DNA differs from chimpanzees, and that 2% is what makes us humans--it's also what gives us the ability to be creative beings. In the age of AI and robots it is also our competitive edge. As an artist, my work relies on my being able to harness my creativ...

August 1, 2017

The theme of my musings here is all about space and time. Driving and walking the streets of London there seems to be a lot less space. The pace of the news leaves very little time for digesting. I look at my calendar, no space. I look at my watch, no time before I'm l...

December 31, 2016

It's that time of year when we look back on where we've been often as a measure of where we might like to go.  To paint a picture I often start with painting in the biggest areas of darks, and the biggest lights. I squint a lot, so the details don’t get in the way of t...

August 10, 2016

We look to the future with trepidation and uncertainty, and we try so hard to "capture" those fleeting moments of beauty, joy, & personal milestones. We fetishly pursue happiness and forget to breathe along the way. We want the perfect photo for social media and forget...

June 17, 2016

You wake up on your birthday and you have can think that you're as old as you've ever been (as in really really old), or you can realise that you'll never be younger than that very moment (and oh the possibilities that can bring!) I wanted to write about...

May 4, 2016

I first got my Prius in 2007. Yup, a rather old, blue, practical Prius with a faint eau de dog, oil paints, and human sports gear (translation: smelly shoes) . Awesome for lugging wet paintings, and all the other paraphernalia of the trade. But lately, I've noticed, I'...

September 6, 2015

My family  went to the Norfolk Coast in 1999  to celebrate American Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why or how we ever chose this  in November, but we did. If you’re looking for bucolic beach strolls don’t go to Norfolk at the end of November. I have memories of my kids in...

September 1, 2015


​September has traditionally been a month for gathering, as in hunting and gathering. We harvest our food, gather up school and office supplies, shop to "nest" for the coming winter whether it be for that new business suit, or cozy jumper we envision relaxing in as...

Today is a sprint to the finish. The hang is tomorrow, and everything needs printing, painting, and finishing. My experiments with Japanese papers have been a wonderful journey into effects, textures and possibilities I never would have arrived at otherwise. The printe...

Taking time to absorb the surroundings is key to creating works that are relevant to this experience here in Kyoto. One of my favorite ways to do this is to go for a run (aka shuffle, as I barely lift my feet...) because I can cover a lot of ground, and hear, smell, se...

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September 1, 2015

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