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Renovations Continue...

My art trajectory and this site are undergoing massive renovations.

I have launched this much of the site to give some updates and access to my works and fully functioning shop.

My two newest series are available in Limited Edition prints via my new gallery shop, and many originals are also available. You can access my older works portfolio here. Feel free to enquire about anything that might interest you even if it isn't obviously for sale.

Please let me know about any glitches, poor translations (if you're using the French site) or anything else you think I need to know about.

And please signup for future updates and invites, and my official launch:

My Transition

My work is and always has been about connections in an increasingly connected/disconnected world.

Having recently moved from big cities to the mountains of France, I have come full circle from an earth scientist, to an oil painter of urban scenes, to a digital painter of urban scenes, and now back to my roots as an investigator of our relationship with the natural environment, only this time with a paint brush and a blow torch. ​


I still love digital painting as a means of capturing fleeting moments, gestures, and expressions in time, usually en pleine air. However, it is increasingly technology that keeps us so disconnected, and dislocated from our surroundings, as we plunge deeper and deeper into the black holes caused by algortihms seeking our very souls.


The rugged beauty of my surroundings calls for mediums more organic and visceral. It calls for a connectedness, and an intense awareness of the increasing fragility caused by our very disconnectedness.


I invite you to join me on my journey of reconnecting to all that I am passionate about, and to all that furnishes us with our means to survive, and those moments of hope, and optimism to fuel us all forward on a more sustainable path.

A smattering of available prints...

(originals will be available soon)


My life's work is about connecting ideas, narratives, moments, disparate theories and techniques. But the most important connection of all is between humans.


Let's connect.

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