Exploring Human Connectivity

in an increasingly Connected/Disconnected World


"Empathy is the foundation for peaceful co-existence, and humour is the secret sauce..." --Lisa Cirenza

Review in the Financial Times


-- Rachel Spence, Financial Times Art Critic, commenting on "NYC Contrasts", 8 October 2017

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Latest News

I'm honoured to announce that I have been elected as a Societaire to the historically prestigious Salon D'Automne, joining the list of other artists whose works pushed the frontiers of  technologies available in their time: Matisse, Cezanne, Renoir, Derain...


An insider's view to some of my processes, studies and experiments

Event Highlights

Salon D'Automne2019
Salon D'Automne2019

Live Drawing Performance at Apple SF
Live Drawing Performance at Apple SF

Pre-show photo of the large screen, where I did live drawing at the Apple Union Square Store, San Francisco. November 2017


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The App Whisperer Apple podcast exploring Lisa's inspirations, processes, and thoughts about the future of digital arts...