Cold fresh water bliss! (Part 7/9)

I set out with my guide at 8:30am stopping at two other Casas to pick up the other hikers, the heat was already well north of 30 degrees C, but the sun wasn’t directly overhead so we could walk close to buildings and find shade.

Only the tourists walk in the sun here, and after 1 1/2 weeks I’ve learned to walk with the locals i.e. dodging each other as we all seek whatever slivers of shade we can find.

We walked out of town towards gorgeous mountains, through fields of sugar cane, tobacco, beans, sunflowers, mangoes, citrus, and so many other unidentifiable (my ignorance) lush plants. Once in the fields there was no place to hide from the sun, and I kept trying to imagine what it’s like to work these fields in this heat.

Three street dogs joined our little posse, through town and down towards the fields, but two gave up once we hit those fields. Before coming I boosted my Hep A, and Tetanus, but decided against the suggested rabies shot. I figured I’d avoid petting any strays. Little did I know there’d be so, so, many street dogs and cats, both in Havana and Trinidad—sometimes with raw open sores, sometimes no longer alive.

Our guide started yelling at one near the beginning of the path. It turns out it was his own dog that’d gone missing 2 days prior. One of our group explained she’d seen him trying to make friends with the street dogs in the main square the prior day. They were hostile at first, barking at him to get off their territory. But eventually he finagled his way into the pack.

The guide was distraught and said how worried he was. I joked how he just wanted to go hang with “the guys”. He explained how people often randomly try to poison the street dogs. I wasn’t laughing anymore…