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Exploring the fragile, yet beautiful connectivity between humans and our natural environments

Review in the Financial Times

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-- Rachel Spence, Financial Times Art Critic, commenting on "NYC Contrasts", 8 October 2017

Recent Series

Ode to Eau

Water. 60% of our bodies, the life force of our food, the medium of relief through which I swim, ski, hike, and assuage my thirsts. The melting of glaciers, the droughts that force displacements, the plastics that invade its purity and kill the life within. The simplest of joys under chronic attack.

Living Life Outside the Lines

Inspired by nature to push beyond what's seemingly possible and to reach for the life force within us all; despite the currents of prescribed conscripts that limit us to tribal thinking and actions.

Exhibition & Event Highlights

Motivation & Story

As a former earth scientist, and formally trained oil painter, my path diverged considerably living in central London and Tokyo. I responded to the masses of humanity surrounding me, in these places dominated by technology and concrete infrastructures, primarily through digital mediums. Having recently chased and achieved my dream of moving to the mountains of France, I find myself yearning for a more organic physicality, but something where I can achieve the layers of life and sedimentation much like I can in my digital works, and much like I see in the mountains surrounding me. ​ I have recently returned from 2 intensive weeks of studying how to paint using hot wax, one of the oldest artistic mediums on record. I LOVE painting with a blow torch, scultping back the wax--the additive and subtractive possibilities oddly mirror my digital processes, and the luminescence I am learning to achieve is mindboggling. ​ Please stay tuned for updates on this transformation in my work as it continues to evolve.


Apple podcast exploring Lisa's inspirations, processes, and thoughts about the future of digital arts...

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