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All my work is derived from live drawing and painting, as I believe the human energies captured when working live, are more compelling than working from photographs.

Paintings are often painted on boards with a gesso mixture I’ve created to maximize the white bounce back underneath the layers of glazed oil paints, charcoal, and black line work, or on boards I've created a multimedia background upon.  Many gesso and or acrylically embedded media layers are applied and sanded back before I lay in the drawings with my charcoal and/or oils. The drawing is fixed, and I begin a very traditional practice of glazing on my paints--applying thin, often transparent layers of oil paints thinned with traditional mediums to get a luminescence in the finished image. Then I hit it all with black line work using the skills I learned when I studied Chinese brush painting in Asia, or a wax/oil mixture to for impastoas.

My fusion print/painted pieces on aluminium dibond, paper, and/or canvas are hybrid works. I use a variety of apps to paint/draw when out and about depending on the mark making tool chest I need. Then it's back to  my computer composing, cleaning errant pixels, and weaving together various components. In the case of St. Pauls, I took a photo of my pastel painting (done live from the Tate Modern) of St. Pauls, and fused it digitally with my tube painting of the guy with the baseball hat. Then it was printed by Jealous printers and readied for me to hand finish with inks, and acrylic varnish. For “Constructing Life 1”, I digitally wove over 30 layers of photos taken on the construction site with digital portraits painted on my iPad of the constructions workers. This was printed on canvas and readied for me to continue hand painting to push and pull the depth of the pieces even further. Even though some of these pieces are “Limited Editions”, where I have hand finished them, they are each unique one-off pieces. If they are not listed as Limited Editions, they are unique one-off pieces, and the digital base will not be used again. I have chosen to make Limited Edition prints of some of my work, so that it might be more economically accessible to a broader range of collectors. I believe art should be accessible to all, and truly hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading about my processes.

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