In our always connected world, where do we find time to truly connect? When we believe we can control our environments--what happens when they spiral out of control--where is the disconnect?


Are we only connecting with those that feed our own egos? Those whose stories mirror ours? What happened to our childhood joy in discovering the unknown? In learning others' stories? In seeing beyond their surfaces in our pursuit of "why"?


How do we reconnect with what feeds our souls, with what brings us joy? I hope these images offer you a moment to pause, to reconsider, to find the hidden layers, and to feed your soul...


Connected? Connecting?

2019-In Progress

Asked to respond to the "Human Condition" for a group show in Edinburgh (October 2019)...So much to respond to:  the constant beauty of nature and our destruction thereof, fires, heatwaves, droughts, floods, and the ensuing migrations; and fears feeding the global rise of racism, fascism, and loss of empathy...

The one consistently visible global reaction are people (zombies?) escaping into their phones..

Beneath the Surface


What lies beneath the surfaces we so quickly label and believe we understand? What drives people to journey far from home? What memories and thoughts do they carry with them to their new cities? What light lies beneath the surfaces if we scrape away the dark...? These are a series of paintings and limited edition prints done in response to the above questions. Some are celebrating the brave and beautiful souls of refugees that Lisa has worked with. Others explore questions of a new life in a new place, of leaders trying to make a better world for all, and of those left behind...

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Layered Moments


Armed with my iPad, and it's infinite color and mark making choices, I am now free from the burdens of carrying materials to places that wouldn't let me use them even if I had them. The choice of color and mark making tools is now governed by the visual energies I'm responding to.


The images below are responses to "moments" in time. Observing the people, objects and energies that occupy a space, a series of paintings, a lecture, a political discussion, a bar, an airport waiting area--I continue to seek the connective tissues in our increasingly connected/disconnected world.



Global pandemics, challenging political situations--we all need a way to recharge and reconnect to what nourishes our souls. Pushing the colour and energetic lines in my work helps me find optimism and hopeful energy. I've always been an active sportswoman and gardener--and there's nothing better than a good hug to heal the soul.



In a world where viewpoints are increasingly black or white, without nuance, and often not allowing for any colour mixing both literally and figuratively, I went to Cuba. Raised in America, infused with a Cold War American narrative highlighted by the Bay of Pigs, and other polarizing events, I went looking for what was beneath the surface of these political narratives. I found the cars a metaphor for a people that are resilient, in a bit of a time warp, romantic, curvacious, sassy, and cobbled together with many resourceful solutions. I found the heat/light and the cool/shade metaphors for the ways Cubans face the challenges of survival. I tried to learn Spanish, but only mastered the phrase "El mundo esta loco". It served me well, but not as well as learning to embrace the Cuban optimism and love of music, dance and the arts as a means of counterbalancing life's challenges.

Heat, Water, and Ice

2019 - Present

Much of society's migration challenges are direct results of climate change and the resulting famines, crop failures, floods, destructive hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, heat waves etc... Continuing on from my work on migration and identity, this series explores some of the root causes and effects of these changes.

Connections and Constructions 


Mixed media paintings exploring, and often celebrating, the ordinary connections and disconnections of daily life.

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Urban Paintings


An allegorical societal exploration, looking at the sharing of space, and assumptions during our daily commutes. These paintings are oil, acrylic, and charcoal on hand prepared boards and canvases.

Inked Otheries


In direct response to the "selfie" culture, these works ask us to look beyond our'selves' and into, not just through, 'others' that surround us. Live drawings done on an iPhone in public transport in the UK, Japan, and France. These are hand finished, archival limited edition prints.

Urban Prints


Urban scenes painting en pleine aire, pushing pixels, not pigments; to create the sense of movement, light and form. Using an iPad allows artists to capture the energy of an urban moment in a way never before possible--no longer are artists harnessed to limited tool availability, all the colours and mark making vehicles exist on their tablets. These are a series of limited edition prints on archival papers.

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Prices start €150 for limited edition prints with unique paintings ranging from €2000-€20,000, (based on prior sales and commissions).

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Hope Has a Champion

Limited Edition Print (10) under Museum Acrylic glass 50x75cm. Tyranny has a witness and hope has a champion. Painting these words as the foundation for the piece, Cirenza added images and drawings inspired by the work of the Children's Division Of Human Rights Watch championing the right of kids everywhere to have an education. Covered over with the pixel equivalent of black charcoal, she erased back through this to find the light of the hope provided in the work of HRW.